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A: Launch Tech Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992 and today is a global player in the automotive aftermarket providing a full range of equipment and service solutions for workshops. Launch was listed on the Hong Kong stock market in 2002 and has grown successfully through significant investment in world class R&D and manufacturing. Today the company employs over 300 qualified R&D engineers led by some experienced and distinguished specialists in the automotive sector. Through this in-house R&D and manufacturing capability Launch is able to deliver products that utilize smart technology and are user friendly, quality assured and best price. The company is accredited to the internationally recognized quality standards of ISO9000: 2000 and QS9000.Launch continues to extend its global reach and today has thirteen companies covering North America, Europe, Central and South America, the Middle East and North Africa, South Africa, China and the Asia Pacific region. Through these companies Launch is able to better serve its 400 distributors in 60 countries. Details please visit

Q: What are the DIY products (CRecorder, CreaderV and OBD Book)?
A: DIY (Do It Yourself) products are made for the car owners (DIYers) specially designed for easy operation, but have useful features and functions.

Q: How to Purchase DIY products (CRecorder, CreaderV and OBD Book)?
A: Please contact LAUNCHlocal branch or dealer.

Q: Which kinds of vehicle are compatible with CRecorder?
A: The CRecorder (Car Running data Recorder) only works for the vehicle supports standard OBDII and EOBD system, which has generic protocols.

Q: What is Register number?
A: All DIY products have a register no. printed / attached on the first page of User’s Manual this is the number use for registration. (CRecorder also have attached on the box itself) Register number consist of 14 characters (letters A-F and numbers 0-9).

Q: How to register on the website?
A: After purchased, please visit, click on the REGISTER button at the upper-right side of the screen, fill in the required information and then click on the “Create login” (After few minutes you can login using your access codes and can download the available software for your product)

Q: My Product serial no. won’t accept to register (invalid).
A: All DIY products have Serial no. at the back of unit (except CRecorder) this is for reference only, which series of batch does the unit has been manufactured. Please use the Register no., which can be found at the first page of User’s manual included at the package.

Q: The ET97 (CreaderV) / OBD BOOK won’t communicate with PC and stay waiting connection after plug in.
A: First, have to download, unzip into local disk and then install, Second, download the Upgrade_package unzip into local disk and then install using the right COM PORT No. (Refer to User’s Manual at Upgrading section)

Q: Can’t find the links for OBD BOOK
A: As for now, all the links for OBD BOOK such as Driver and Upgrade package can be found at the HELPsection of the website.

Q: How to install CRecorder Client Software?
A: logon at, check Download Center and double click the link CRecorder Client Software, save the file on your desktop and unzip it. (Please refer to CRecorder User’s guide)

Q: Which (OS) Operating System can support CRecorder Client Software?
A: The CRecorder Client Software will work on all Windows 2000, NT, ME, XP and Vista versions.

Q: How to register another product in my existing account?
A: logon at, check Add Product, and input the register no. on the box and then click submit. (You will see your new products next time you login). Note: This function “Add Product” is only use to register different kinds of product in the same account.

Q: I forgot my Access code (User name and Password)?
A: First options, Visit click Forget Password input you username and click submit, you will receive your Access code in your registered email address. Second options, Please email us your product register no. together with possible username, password and email address. Our Technical Support will retrieve and send your Access code.

Q: My Computer / Laptop can’t recognize my Unit (DIY Products)?
A: First time to plug-in the Unit (DIY Products) into Computer / Laptop have to install the “New Hardware found” to be able to recognized your Unit (DIY Products) by the Computer / laptop every time you plug-in for uploading data or upgrading software. However if the Computer / laptop has already installed a USB equipment such as a printer, blue tooth adapter, etc., which seized the ID belongs to Unit (DIY Products). This results in a conflict with Unit (DIY Products) and couldn't be recognized by the Computer / laptop. SOLUTION: Need to uninstall or disconnect the conflict USB equipment from computer, plug-in the Unit (DIY Products) and then start new operation.

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